Apps that you can use to consult doctors online

Apps that you can use to consult doctors online

There have been many changes and improvements in the health sector in the last 10 years. There is also a change in them that now you can also talk to the doctor online sitting at home and get advice about your illness, get medical checkups done sitting at home. You can order medicines and get them at home. We will tell you about five such Apps that you can use to consult doctors online.

Apps that you can use to consult doctors online


Practo‘s is at number one on this list. Its name is quite popular in the list of telemedicine apps. It has a medical directory. You can book online appointments with this app and also do online consultations.

It offers

  1. Comprehensive medical directory with detailed, verified information about more than a lakh doctor partners across the country.
  2. Online appointment booking at over 9,000 leading hospitals and clinics with doctors who use Practo Prime.
  3. Online consultation with trusted doctors across 20+ specialties.
  4. Plus, subscription-based health plans, that provide unlimited online consultations* with doctors 24*7*365.
  5. Ray, Practo’s award-winning practice management software, which is used by 10,000+ clinics.
  6. Insta, a full-stack HIMS solution, which is trusted by 500+ clients across 1,200+ facilities.
  7. Diagnostic Tests through Practo Associate Labs to get samples collected from the comfort and safety of one’s home.
  8. Medicine deliveryby a network of verified pharmacies across the country

Apps that you can use to consult doctors online


Another popular app is Lybrate. It is available for both Android and iOS. You can also book appointments and book lab tests from this app. There is also a question-and-answer forum in this app.

Lybrate helps you make informed decisions about health.

  1. Talk to Doctor: You can ask queries for free or get into one-on-one interaction with doctors on payment of fees online. Using your ubiquitous mobile phone, you can anonymously communicate with doctors from various specialties.
  2. Stay healthy and fit: The Health Feed from healthcare experts aims to keep you healthy and fit. If that is not all, you can find a doctor nearby, check doctor’s profile and book an appointment too.

Lybrate ensures that doctors save time and enhance practice effortlessly.

  1. Grow Your Practice: Through this doctors grow their outreach to patients across the country, by interacting with them. They not only get thanked by those whom they help out but also get recommended by peers. This increases their popularity in the online community and in the medical fraternity.
  2. Manage Your Practice: This is highly evolved and easy-to-use practice management software. It enables doctors to manage information for one or more clinics. Doctors can be in touch with their patients and manage their practice on the go with Lybrate app.

Apps that you can use to consult doctors online

Apollo 24×7

You must have heard about Apollo Healthcare. It also provides healthcare online service. With the Apollo 24×7 app, you can consult specialist doctors online. You can also talk directly to the doctor through this app. The most important thing is that after consulting once, you can consult a doctor on Apollo 24×7 for free for the next seven days.

1.      Apollo Pharmacy – Largest Online Pharmacy In India

2.      Most Trusted Online Medical Store Of India : All medicines/healthcare products sold on Apollo Pharmacy are procured from our sister company – Apollo Pharmacy, with a reputation of selling only 100% genuine products.

3.      Over 4,500 Pharmacy Stores In India : Due to the strong network deliver medicines to every nook and corner of the country.

4.      Fastest Home Delivery Of Your Order

5.      Additional Services: Additional services you can avail on platform i.e doctor consultations, symptom checkers, ordering diagnostic tests, and digitization of your health records.

Apps that you can use to consult doctors online


Redcliffe is also a great app, although it is not for consultation with a doctor, rather you can book any type of test from the comfort of your home. Promo offers often run on this app. Apart from this, for Rs 99, you can take VIP membership for one year, after which you will get 10% discount on every booking. Redcliffe collects samples from home. It is also cheaper than other labs.

Apps that you can use to consult doctors online

Doctor 24×7

Doctor 24×7 app is specially designed for doctor consultation over the phone. This app provides free consultation for the next three days after a one-time booking. The first consultation on this app is free. After that the consultation ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 1,000.

With  Doctor 24X7 app you can

  1. Choose Medical Specialty: Based on your symptoms, select a specialty (eg. General Physician, Child Specialist etc.)
  2. Consult a Doctor: Instantly connect with a specialist doctor and explain your health issues
  3. Get Diagnosis and Medical Advice : The doctor patiently understands your health issue and sends a digital prescription in-app and on email
  4. Free Follow-up: If needed, follow up for free with the doctor within 3 days

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